Relaxing to be around and great company

The more time you spend alpacas the more you will enjoy them and the more they will enjoy you! These animals are incredibly relaxing to be around with their gentles hums and inquisitive natures. Each has a personality and distinctive characteristics, its up to you to find them! Some enjoy nuzzling while other like to go for walks! All our animals are halter trained before we sell to ensure you can have the best of adventures with your new addition!

Great Pets

Alpacas make great pets as they are hardy animals they are relatively easy to look after an require only a monthly toenail trim, boosters and worming? Of course the shearing once a year but you can outsource this if you do not wish to learn.

Their soft pads mean they won’t churn up your land and only poo in one or two space so easy to clean up… Its also great fertiliser for your garden!

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Alpaca breeding is still relatively new in this country so it can be incredibly rewarding to improve the genetics in your herd. By introducing a new stud or a new female you can ….