Charnwood Forest Astraea – £4,000

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Astraea is a breeding, halter trained female.

Our Alpaca for sale, Astraea carries a lot of traits from her dams side of the family, however she has also inherited some great genes from her sires side of the family.
Her sire; Charnwood Forest Thatcher’, grandsire ‘EP Cambridge Courage’ and her great grandsire ‘NTA LTD Ruffo’ are all award winning and have all produced amazing progeny.

Astraea’s fleece is superfine and extremely bright, and paired with the right stud;one with high density, could produce some really special progeny.

Astraea needs an owner that will have lots of time to put into her and install confidence in her as she continues to mature to ensure she stays grounded and used to being handled.

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