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Breeding alpacas is our full time passion, let us inspire you in your alpaca dreams

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Since our first alpaca delivery in 2011, our herd has gone from strength to strength. We are now 150 strong with 2 suris and 21 cria expected this Summer. We have a fantastic variety of pregnant females, weanlings, aunties, studs and males.

Our breeding goals are to create well natured alpacas with a solid body, true to phenotype, exceptional fleece and to keep improving the genetics across our whole herd.





Scamhazel Farm, Ashby Road, Boundary, DE11 7BA


Thurs-Mon 9.30-4.30


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The adventure began

Chris and his first delivery of alpacas

Chris held numerous Managing Director roles prior to owning our alpaca farm. He never felt fulfilled in that environment and one day decided enough was enough and he resigned and started his 6 months gardening leave with an idea! He heard about a couple of breeders who owned Morden Hall Alpacas and they wanted to retire so they put their animals up for auction.

Chris contacted them directly and explained what he wanted to achieve and the auction was cancelled! Charnwood Forest Alpacas was born with a herd of 55 animals on a 30 acre farm.

Breeding is all about improving the quality of the herd and can be incredibly exciting to see what your choices produce. A stud should be chosen to add improvements to the female for example to improve the fleece. The male has a major influence on the quality of the cria.

Our first 55 animals consisted of studs, breeding females and cria. Starting with this combination of animals allowed Chris to go straight into breeding. Chris has been breeding since 2012 and has birthed over 200 alpacas and has helped numerous owners by being at the end of the phone for their first birth!


The first cria

a steep learning curve for any new breeder



Starting as we mean to go on

Chris first started showing the alpacas in 2013, 2 years after buying his herd! Alpacas are always shown in paddock conditions so leading up to showtime is the best time to make sure your paddocks are in tip-top condition. Our alpacas have been winning awards since 2013,

All our animals are halter trained which makes them easier to handle in the ring. As there are only about 60,000 alpacas in the UK it is great to meet other breeders and likeminded alpaca lovers.

In 2013 we decided it was time for us to stand on our own two feet. We were already doing all our own medicines, toenails and haircuts but the next big step was shearing. Off Chris went to learn all the tricks of the shearing trade. Soon after he sheared our herd of 80 and has done so ever since,

These days after shearing our own herd Chris can be found driving up and down the country shearing for other people. Small pet herds and bigger herds, he has done it all!

If this is something you would be interested in please click here.

Chris finds shearing an incredibly rewarding process to get to see the fleece his animals are growing and the quality which has been produced from the herd. It confirms the quality of fleece on our new cria and allows him to see first hand how the herd is progressing.



Shearing Time


The Big move

A new 110 acre farm to play with

After 5 years in September 2016 the herd was growing and we needed to find a bigger home for our expanding herd. After looking for a couple of years Scamhazel Farm was found and it was a perfect fit!

The farm used to be an agricultural farm and because of this nothing was set up for alpacas! The first job was to sow the grass before we moved any animals on site. We also had to section off fields as the farm was just an open 110 acres.

On 1st September 2016 we officially moved in…

We wanted to share these fantastic animals with the local community and what better way to do that than with alpaca walks!

With a bigger space to play with and more space for visitors, the walk really took off! It seems the public are just as keen on these unique animals as we are!

Along side our walks we also introduced a cria watch. An experience which allows people some time in the company of our youngest alpacas and their mums. Some lucky visitors have even witnessed a birth!

On the new site we were able to open a cafe and we begun our alpaca walks with an afternoon tea, as with our other experiences, these have been a hit!

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Adding to our breeding adventure

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The future

Our vision continues to evolve

Our farm, our herd, our staff members are all increasing at a phenomenal rate. But where do we want to go? And where do we want to be?

Next year we are expecting just under 60 cria - the largest number Charnwood Forest Alpacas has ever had!

Our experiences continue to grow with the Summer expecting thousands of visitors and special occasions really being a hit - for example when our boys transform into reinpacas for the festive season!

We will continue to expand our herd with the addition of new studs from either within the herd or through external purchases. Allowing us to produce high quality animals for other to purchase and carry on our vision within their own herds.

Our Office

Scamhazel Farm, Ashby Road
Boundary, DE11 7BA
United Kingdom


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We always recommend visiting the farm to see our wonderful animals and to have a chat with Chris. He is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Should you decide to make a purchase from us Chris is also hands on with after care and will be at the end of a phone should you need any advice or assistance.

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