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Why Buy From Us?

Welcome to GB Alpaca, one of the UK’s most successful alpaca farms based in Charnwood Forest in the heart of the East Midlands. We are home to over 200 high-quality Huacaya alpacas that have all the right characteristics, traits and genetics and can be used for a variety of reasons be it for their fleece, their breeding capabilities or as pets.

  • Highly experienced being one of the UK’s largest alpaca farms.
  • GB Alpaca can cater to most budgets.
  • We have a selective breeding programme which we are extremely proud of.
  • When breeding our alpacas we observe all traits and aim to maintain the universal standard for each of our animals.
  • We aim for all of the traits including a sound fleece structure, good strong conformation of body and genetics.
  • We take pride in our level of sales support and make sure our clients are fully supported from the first step on their alpaca journey.

We would love to hear about your individual requirements, if you are unable to find your perfect Alpaca listed please contact us and we will endeavour to help.


Why Choose Charnwood Forest Alpacas

Over 10 years of experience

Since we began growing our herd we have developed an acute understanding of what it is that is needed from successful alpaca breeding.

United Kingdom
British bred

The majority of our cria are born on our farm here at Charnwood Forest but have a genetic history harking back to some of the finest alpacas in Australian/Peruvian history. By doing this, we can track all our cria and alpacas to ensure that we're doing everything we can to hit our high standards.

Heart Rate
Strong genetics

From day one we have worked hard to ensure male and female alpacas are paired to maximise major traits without single selection. This ensures that we produce well rounded and ever-improving standards of cria. The team here have years of collective experience and are experts in helping to create alpacas that are going to become worthwhile investments for you, either as pets or as working animals providing fleece or cria.

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About GB Alpaca at Charnwood Forest

For Chris and our 35 full-time staff, operating a working alpaca farm and dedicating time to raising quality alpacas that are true to their phenotype, can create young cria and produce quality fibres, is our passion. We channel this passion into ensuring that, when you get in touch with us, we’re able to offer you a selection of alpacas to choose from, no matter whether you’re a first-time owner or you’re experienced in looking after these animals. All our alpacas have been bred to a high standard and are fit for purpose, this means you can expect impeccable conformation, good genetics and high-quality fleeces.

This passion and dedication are also backed up by the fact that we are members of the British Alpaca Society, the regulatory body in the UK that not only looks out for the welfare of these animals but also has a pedigree register. You can find all our alpacas on the aforementioned register and that means, when it comes time to purchase these animals, you know that you’re buying from a reputable, serious group of people who have worked to meet a strict code of conduct. The alpacas that we sell are kept to high standards of welfare, with stringent biosecurity measures (including regular voluntary testing) to keep our alpacas free from illnesses such as bovine TB. Our breeding programme is genetic-specific which maximises the healthy birth of high-quality cria.

For more information about our wide range of Huacaya alpacas be sure to get in touch with Chris and the team today by filling out the contact form on this page.

Just getting started or adding to your herd? Here’s our process

From the moment you get in touch with Chris and the team, they’ll be on hand to help, advise and guide you through the process and ensure you feel in control every step of the way.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking to add to your existing herd we’ll make the whole search for your new alpacas straightforward and simple. We first look to find out what your requirements and circumstances are to determine which alpacas would be most suitable for you. Then, we go away and find a selection of alpacas for you to choose from that we think are suitable based on those aforementioned requirements and circumstances.

Once purchased, you are more than welcome to come to our farm and spend a half-day with one of our team who will teach you proper husbandry training. This husbandry training will involve learning how to hold and lead the animal as well knowing what important signs to look out for that may indicate if something is wrong. Or for a fee, we can come to you and teach you on your farm or plot of land. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your new alpacas will have all their injections administered, toenails will be clipped and they will have confirmed testing for bTB before being collected by you or dropped off by our team.


We Have Alpacas For Sale and For Stud Services.

As mentioned, we have a range of alpacas for sale as well as some champion males that are available for stud, we have dedicated pages on our site where you can view our range of animals. The alpacas we sell are Huacaya alpacas and, as you’ll soon see, are all fit for purpose regardless of their gender. Our rigorous process ensures that none of the common faults, found in other alpacas, are present in our herd. By combining positive characteristics and high-quality living conditions, our alpacas will live long and healthy lives as fibre producers and producers of cria which have positive traits, such as correctly angulated legs, good backlines that slope over the hump, and bright, alert eyes with no discharge.

The males for sale or stud begin their breeding process from 2 years old and are bred from alpacas with strong bloodlines that have preferable genetics, conformation and can produce high-quality fleeces. Their genetics have been deemed appropriate and, if used for stud, can complement the female alpaca to create cria that have good frames and fibre production. We spend a great deal of time selecting which males to offer for stud and recognise that they need to have good characteristics, such as better crimp or lower micron count, which lead to a finer fleece product.

In terms of our female alpacas, we ensure they are fertile and ready to give birth to cria once they reach 60% of their mother’s weight. We also take time to select females that come from families which exhibit favourable traits such as high fertility, rapid growth and efficient lactation. This gives them the best chance to produce live cria that will go on to have all the positive traits we just mentioned.

All this rigorous hard work is done so your search for an alpaca, no matter what its intended purpose is, will be a successful one. We’re confident we can provide you with animals that will be a positive addition to your herd.

female alpacas for sale
Female alpacas for sale

Our female alpacas are some of the best in the UK and feature all the positive characteristics and traits that you're looking for.

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Stud male alpacas for sale

View our premium stud males, all of whom have proven track records of creating live, high-quality cria that are sure to meet your expectations.

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fibre producing alpacas for sale
Fibre producing alpacas for sale

The fibre producing alpacas we have for sale are renowned for producing lush, dense fleeces that provide a great return on investment.

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Where To Find Us

Our current location on the Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire border puts us in the perfect spot to speak to you about potential alpaca ownership from across the country. We take alpaca ownership seriously and stress to customers the responsibility that comes in ensuring your alpacas have a high level of welfare for them to be financially viable. Before you consider alpaca ownership you should think long and hard about your circumstances and ability to give animals like these a good life so that they can provide a good return on investment, regardless of their use. You’ll find our alpaca farm off the A511 on Ashby Road, we’re about 20 minutes via car from Burton Upon Trent, 40 minutes from Leicester via the A50 and around 35 minutes from Birmingham.

1 Great Conformation

Conformation, aka the shape and structure of an animal, is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to purchasing. You can rest assured that all our alpacas have a good depth of chest, their body and neck are in proportion and there are no deviations in their legs.

2 Strong Bloodlines

The bloodlines that helped grow our herd are some of the best in the country. This gives us reassurance that we are creating cria from a good genetic base which reduces the need to bring in outside alpacas to help the process. This careful selection of the best and most productive bloodlines allows us to offer you reliable, low-risk stock.

3 Fleece Characteristics

It’s no secret that the fleece from these animals is a lucrative business. Coming in 22 different colours and shades, the fibres that we produce are soft to handle, bright and a staple length of 3 or so inches. We work hard, through selective breeding and high levels of biosecurity, to create a high fibre density which has low microns which help create a finer, more desirable product. All this creates fleece characteristics that can potentially be profitable for you.